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I Will Tell You The Truth About Old Navy Visa In The Next 4 Seconds | Old Navy Visa

If you are an avid employee of Old Navy then you are probably aware of their credit cards. If you have ever applied for one though you know that it is no walk in the park to get one. But even if you qualify, you will find that there is a long list of requirements that you will need to meet before you get approved. It's kind of hard to know where to begin.

What if you could bypass all of that? Instead you can use an Old Navy Visa Card and get all of the rewards and benefits that any major airline has to offer. Or you can use the Old Navy Visa Card and save money with any major retailer that accepts them. While they might give credit to those who like to shop at Old Navy and their affiliated stores, in general they give nothing more than a discount for regular Old Navy shoppers.

What kind of rewards can you earn with the Old Navy Visa Card? You can earn up to 500 points for every dollar you charge to your card. There are some restrictions, but you cannot exceed the maximum allowable number of points per billing cycle. However, if you do incur a charge outside of this range, you may be subject to a low-limit penalty.

The first category of reward certificates you can earn with this program is in-store discounts. The Old Navy Visa Card has a program wherein you can earn points just for spending on in-store purchases. You can redeem these points for any Old Navy merchandise or services, or even redeem them for gift cards. In addition, you can earn an additional twenty-four months of rewards on your card for purchasing through the Internet. To qualify for this category, you must purchase $1500 in merchandise or services during the first twelve months that you have your account. Also, you must make at least six purchases each month in order to maintain your credibility within the program.

Another category of Old Navy Visa Card benefits includes their store version reward program. Like their in-store version, the store version can also earn you points and rewards. These cards are good for five hundred dollars in cash or money back bonuses. In addition, you can redeem your points for fifty dollars in merchandise or services. These cards also come with an additional twenty-four months of incentives at a discount price.

Old Navy Visa Cards can also offer United Airlines frequent flyer miles. This is good if you use the cards regularly, or are a loyal customer of United. The airline mile reward points earned on these cards may be transferred to airline tickets for free travel. This means that you can get free travel for your entire family, including your children, regardless of whether they are traveling on United Airlines, Continental Airlines, or Delta Airlines.

The Old Navy Visa Card allows you to earn five reward certificates when you make certain purchases. These purchases must be made during the “off season” at select stores. Other restrictions and terms apply, but the cardholder is permitted to make unlimited purchases during “on season” in selected stores. These stores include Kohl's, JCPenny, and Victoria's Secret among others. This is a popular sales incentive because people are shopping for something different to wear for special occasions.

The average Old Navy Visa Card earns five reward certificate points. Each point corresponds to one dollar. There are currently no annual fees associated with this card, so cardholders will not be charged any extra fees for earning rewards. These cards are also good for in-store purchases only. This means you are not able to redeem your points towards airline tickets, hotel stays, or other in-store purchases. For the majority of cardholders, these cards are a great way to earn additional rewards and to get the items they need for their wardrobe while traveling.

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