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The 3 Secrets About Mastercard Logo Only A Handful Of People Know | Mastercard Logo

The MasterCard logo, also known as the symbol for the symbol of two, is a perfect example of its promotional use. The origin of credit cards started in the late 1940's, when many franchises evolved out of a single concept, one of them being the Interbank Card Association which was known as Master Charge, later becoming MasterCard in 1966. In keeping with the growing need for easy payment solutions, the business owners came up with the tagline “the plastic card is what you make it”. With these concepts, the marketing strategy was to embed the identity and profile of their brand on this card.

This concept has gone through various changes and innovations till date, with each passing day bringing a new color palette, logo used and marketing strategy. Currently, there are four colors which are commonly used in the MasterCard logos: Blue, green, gray and orange. Apart from these, there is another color called “magenta”, which is the most recent addition. All the four colors have their own characteristics and meanings, while keeping the original concept intact.

A very important aspect of the MasterCard emblem is the shape of two overlapping circles, which is the main constituent of the emblem. It is called the “MasterCard Oval”, a shape which has been duplicated on almost all the other cards so as to retain the same “identity” among the various cards manufactured by the company. The actual shape is a trapezoid, a shape which is comprised of two overlapping circles. Though this was the original and the most prominent emblem of MasterCard, it was not followed by the company for quite sometime, and finally it was adopted by them in 1980. The reason behind this change was the fact that the card's visual appeal seemed to have come into stagnation, where none of these new designs was able to outshine the old classic look of MasterCard.

The second emblem which comprises the company's logo is the MasterCard” FF” mark. The design of this emblem is very similar to the MasterCard “MG” mark, except for the fact that the “ff” mark surrounds the image instead of being inside it. This makes the emblem more unique and different from all the other competitors. The basic color palette used in the manufacture of these emblems is green, blue, red and orange, with some variations in terms of shades and hues.

The third emblem is the MasterCard “M” mark, which is used to denote the symbol used to represent the MasterCard brand mark. The new symbol was introduced in October of this year and was exclusively designed by art director Flavio Maggi. The new mark was introduced in markets across Europe, Asia and North America as a result of customer demand and for the expansion of business in these regions. The MasterCard “M” mark has a small circle surrounding the text of the name of the brand.

The fourth emblem is the MasterCard “MM” mark which is used to denote the MasterCard brand. This is the oldest emblem in existence and predates all the rest by about ten years. In this case, the circle which is part of the “MM” brand name is not enclosed by two overlapping circles.

All the four designs have their own significance and carry the same weight as any other new brand mark. It is believed that the original design of these emblems had to do with the interlocking circles that were part of an ancient Greek logo. The circles have been turned into interlocking triangles so that they can stand alone and look very attractive. The new mark uses a different type of shape, but this is not really essential. The reason why it was changed was due to the fact that the circle was interpreted as being a hindrance while brand names are usually looked at favorably by consumers. In some cases, the circles have been replaced by stars or hearts in some cases.

The changeover to the MasterCard brand happened about twenty years ago and was brought about by a company called MasterCard Inc. A company that was known for its focus on card making, MasterCard Inc. was created in order to provide a more secure payment method. A lot has changed since those times and the way that we use our credit cards have changed drastically as well. While the original intent behind the creation of the MasterCard logo was for monetary transactions, it has become much more than that. Today, the logo is recognized around the world and is used for a wide variety of things from selling products to promoting social causes.

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