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Citi Aadvantage Executive Is So Famous, But Why? | Citi Aadvantage Executive

The CITI Advantage Executive World Elite Mastercard is a premier travel rewards credit card geared primarily toward frequent American Airlines travelers. It has a rather inexpensive annual fee but includes many perks such as priority boarding, free hotel stays at select hotels, free flight tickets to any destination, priority check-in and priority baggage handling on all American Airlines flights. This is one of the most valuable cards that American Express has to offer. And this card helps travelers save more money than any other travel rewards cards currently available in the market.

CITI specifically designed the CITI Advantage Executive program to help senior executives and corporate personnel to get the most value for their hard-earned income. The CITI Advantage Card provides a monthly cashback bonus (otherwise known as Points) to corporate customers who meet a certain threshold. These Qualification Levels vary from customer to customer. For example, there are some who may qualify for five points, others may qualify for ten. But the point system ensures that corporate clients will get the maximum amount of rewards possible.

There are a few other perks that come with the CITI Airvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard. Among these are Priority Pass access for the traveler, priority check-in and free baggage allowances for international travel, free travel insurance for up to twelve months, five star hotels stays for up to three months in any destination, as well as airport shuttle service access for one to two hours at a time for business and pleasure. Also included are special programs that give you access to dining choices at select restaurants, leisure activities including golf, tennis, basketball, horseback riding, tennis, soccer, and much more.

But don't think you need CITI to fly just because they are the airline of choice for corporate clients. You can also enjoy the benefits of being an Air Force frequent flyer just like anyone else. While you can pay the same rates as anyone else, you can still join the exclusive club by paying an annual fee of just $97. For those who are serious about saving money and flying around the world, this is definitely the way to go. Plus, the annual fee gives you the flexibility you need to plan ahead and do more when it comes to traveling.

Aside from the discounted airfare and flight rates, there are some other great benefits associated with being a CITI Aadvantage executive. One is the ability to save hundreds of dollars each year due to the no-fee seasonal reduced foreign transaction fees. This will help you get around expenses such as fuel and gratuities. If you book your tickets in advance, you may also benefit from discounts at hotels, car rentals, and even car insurance.

Another great perk for frequent fliers is the Early Boarding Reward Program. In this program, you can receive up to two free flights whenever you enroll your account. In order to qualify, you must fly on an airline that is listed on CITI's Aadvantage Executive program's Early Boarding Rewards List. The list is updated monthly, so you won't miss out on this great opportunity to fly whenever you need to. The higher your membership level, the better your chances of getting an early boarding bonus.

CITI Avantage executive also offers primary cardholders the opportunity to earn four points per dollar spent when traveling or shopping with their primary card. These points can then be converted to bonus points that can be redeemed for free tickets or cash back when shopping at their authorized online store. With the CITI Avantage Platinum Select World Premier Card, authorized users are entitled to five percent (5%) off their first round-trip ticket purchase, five percent (5%) off the second and ten percent (5%) off the third. These purchases are exclusive to CITI Avantage primary cardholders only.

With all the perks associated with CITI Avantage Executive Travel Club, it's no wonder that the number of fliers using this program is growing at a rapid pace. When compared to other major credit cards, CITI Avantage executives have the opportunity to save a lot of money on travel, hotel stays, plane tickets, and even car rentals. That makes it one of the best travel programs for business and leisure travelers alike. If you're a primary cardholder of this exceptional company, don't miss out on this great opportunity to benefit from these amazing benefits.

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